ALBUM REVIEW: Queen of Soul – Jaya

Album Title: Queen of Soul

Artist: Jaya


Jaya remains relevant in the music industry

Dubbed as the Queen of Soul in the Philippines, Jaya (María Luisa Ramsey Kagahastian in real life) has not lost her touch at the age of 49. She recently released her first album in years called Queen of Soul. In this review, we will talk about each track and give our thoughts on it.

We all grew up listening to Jaya’s music. For me, soul is not really my strongest genre to listen to, but once you hear her sing whether live or on the radio, you will feel touched by her songs filled with hugot.

Jaya’s newest album reviewed

There are 8 tracks on her new album under Star Music, including a collaboration with the Philippines’ premiere rapper Gloc-9 entitled Won’t Cry in which we will talk about that later.

Jaya’s first track in the album, Tayo Pala Talaga offers a different Jaya where she gives her own take on the current status of Pop Music. This song proves that Jaya can still appeal to all generations whether it be Millennials or Generation Z.

Yes, it is unusual for Jaya to sing an upbeat track, but she remains versatile despite being called the Queen of Soul. Production-wise, this song sounds like a song that you would normally hear from a StarPop artist. If you don’t know what StarPop is, it is the pop music label of Star Music, but that’s besides the point.

The point I’m trying to make is that everyone has it’s own unique style of singing, but when she sings an upbeat track, this will make you dance.

(No Audio, sorry)

Her second song, Hanggang Dito Na Lang, may sound like the ballads of today, but once again, her appeal to the masses remains relevant to this day despite stiff competition between younger singers. The lyrics are well written. Although there are flaws in the production, it is still a good song nonetheless.

Her third track called Sinking My Heart reminds me of the late Aretha Franklin. It may sound foreign because the lyrics are in English, and it also sounds foreign, but it was written by a composed named Jimmy Borja.

This track has an interesting sound, but it is good. However, it may sound a bit similar to one of Adele’s tracks, in terms of production, delivery, lyrics, and all that.

What would happen if the Queen of Soul collabs with a rapper? That’s what Jaya and Gloc-9 did.

Normally, when Gloc-9 raps, he would normally rap in Tagalog, but in this song, Gloc-9 rapped in the English language, which is I believe the first time he did this.

This track caught me by surprise that Gloc-9 can rap in English, I had so many doubts about Gloc-9 rapping in English because growing up, I listen to Gloc-9’s rap in Tagalog and that made me realize after all the years of listening to Gloc-9, my doubts of him rapping in English were wrong.

Once again, Jaya can sing upbeat tracks very well despite her age.

This is so far one of my favorite tracks in the album, and you should give it a listen too.

You’re A Liar is Jaya’s fifth track, and this ballad will make you realize that liars go down somewhere. Everyone who has a relationship with a liar can relate to this song. If you have a relationship with someone who lies, tell them: “You’re A Liar, still a liar and nothing will ever change.”

The lyrics are heartbreaking for those who lie a lot, but you can relate to it.

My first impression for the song Kasalanan Ko Ba is I thought it will be a revival of Neocolours’ song of the same name, but the lyrics, melody, and production is WAY different than Neocolours.

Overall, it’s a song that is ok in my opinion. Why? The good part are the way the song is written, but there some flaws in the production, but it’s still good nonetheless.

If you are willing to accept the fact that your significant other will never fall in love with you ever again, listen to this track called Tanggap Ko Na. Everyone can also relate to the song whether they have a relationship or not.

Finally, it’s not a Jaya album without her hearing a Christian song. Jaya is a born-again Christian, and we feel the presence of the Lord when we hear this track from the Queen of Soul. Production-wise, it is great, the lyrics are good, and of course, you can’t go wrong with Jaya’s famous voice that you know and love. Lyrically, it is well written, but production wise is a bit ok. Why? because it sounds like a Christian ballad. Those are my two cents.


Jaya has been around for a long time. Her famous work was being part of GMA-7’s noontime shows like SOP, Party Pilipinas, and Sunday All Stars alongside Regine Velasquez, Ogie Alcasid and Janno Gibbs.

Currently, she is part of Tawag ng Tanghalan sa Showtime as one of their Hurados. She is known as the first punong hurado to give all 3 contenders the gong in the same episode, thus giving no challengers for the defending champion to face in the face-off round. She is also seen on ASAP Natin ‘to.

Although there may be flaws in the production of the album, it is worth the wait for the queen of soul, because her last album was 10 years ago and it was entitled Real.Love.Stories. This proves that despite her age, she can still keep up with the trends in music.

What is your favorite track from her Queen of Soul album and why do you like it? Let us know in the comments section below. We would like to know if you have a favorite track from her latest album. Like and follow Jaya on Twitter at her handle @JayaSoul, and on Instagram, she is @Jaya.

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